Zootjes are designed by a mother who could not find the right slippers for her baby.

Due to her creative background, she was able to develop her own baby slippers and when other parents react enthusiastically, a market was created. Started as a home-based product, Zootjes is now being produced by quality producers that meet the highest environmental and fair trade demands.

The foundation of Zootjes is an A-quality bio-learning. Due to its softness and warmth, this leather is ideal for babies and gives it a feeling of walking on bare feet. Something that loves all babies and toddlers. The leather has a good grip and gives good support to the first steps. Velcro on the heel makes for an ideal fit and makes the booties not easy to slip from the foot. Zootjes have a trendy design, are safe and environmentally friendly. The ideal gift and very comfortable for the baby.

Only late in the 20th century was one aware of the harmful effects of the traditional way of tanning. Under the influence of internationally growing environmental awareness, scholars have been searching for substances that can learn without the negative environmental impacts.

Bio-leather is leather in which the harmful substances are absent or in amounts that are not harmful to humans and the environment. Bio-leather is also easily degradable.

It has also resulted in a better production process. Waste products and water are treated so that they are not harmful to the environment.

What are the different components of the tanning process?

Preparatory phase
The skin is stripped of unwanted skin components.

Tanning is the process in which the skin’s protein changes into a stable material suitable for baby chicory. The skins are soaked in a cylindrical drum in tanning fluid. As the drum slowly turns, the skin is soaked with tanning fluid. This process is regularly monitored to ensure even penetration. The tanning process of bio-leather uses a combination of synthetic fabrics and natural plant extracts. The use of harmful chemicals such as chromium, heavy metals, formaldehyde, SCCPs, volatile organic compounds and alkylphenol ethoxylates is avoided.

To dry
The skin is shaved, tanned and moistened. But above all, the skin is dried, smooth and colored in this phase.

Bio-leather is hardly finished, leaving it open during use, and over time it gets a ‘vintage’ look.